Senator Dennis Black to retire from legislature

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This is my 32nd annual session of the General Assembly and it shall be my last.  Following ample consideration and pondering my professional responsibilities and commitments to family and friends, something had to give.

I am fortunate to have an active, eventful, productive and busy life.  I thoroughly enjoy service to the citizens of the state, and yet I suddenly realized I am 74 years of age!  Knowing we have no lease on life, and every day is God's gift, should I have been re-elected to a new and final term in the Senate, I would be 79 years by the finish! I owe those years, God willing they come, to me and my family.  Thus, I shall not be seeking a return to the capitol experience I have so dearly enjoyed.

I have three books to finish, all of which are well underway.  In addition, Senator Bill Dotzler and I are co-authoring a book, primarily pictorial, of Iowa's Meskwaki.  Writing is my passion, and I hope to be able to take these responsibilities to completion.  Add to this my Asian travels, spending time with family and friends, restoring unique furniture and a substantial amount of volunteerism towards natural resource protection and enhancement, and I shall still not be "retired."  Frankly, I fail to understand the meaning of that word, for there is too much to do.

It has been an honor beyond description to be a voice of the people in state government.  I thank the citizens of Jasper and Polk counties for having faith in my ability to serve in what has been a joyful and humbling experience.  I have always worked hard, taken the responsibilities very seriously and above all, done my best.

Senator Dennis Black


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